Sunday, September 11, 2011,

Memorial Stadium, Seattle

Presenters / Talent Line-Up 10am -7:30pm *See Schedule

The 10th Anniversary of 9/11 represents an extraordinary moment in time offering a choice-point of immeasurable power. Today, join ONE: The Event’s community of inspired voices (BELOW) and Make The Shift to Love and Unity.

Anthony Singing Bear

Anthony Singing Bear showed up on the Bay Area Music Scene five years ago and has catapulted to headline many festivals and events in the area. Without a management or promotional team, he has performed over 150 shows every year for the past five years. His popularity is in large part due to his conscious well-thought lyrics and unique and beautiful soulful voice. The music is in the style of Jason Mraz, Brett Dennen and John Butler Trio but really tends to defy genre classification.


Every once in a while an artist emerges that just touches that perfect place inside, Human is one of those artists. Backed by The Human Revolution, an impressive rotating cast of master musicians, Humanhas been leading the wayfor politically, socially, and ecologically charged performers and songwriters for over a decade. Guests and past members of the lineup have included: Jeff Pevar (Ray Charles, Crosby Stills and Nash, Jazz is Dead), Donny “Divino” Smith (Willie Nelson), Roger Fritz (Sheryl Crow, Shelby Lynn) “Uncle” Don Lopez (Willie Nelson, Willie K), Gene Parsons (The Byrds), David Mayfield (Cadillac Sky, Avett Brothers), Jessica Lea Mayfield, Alice Di Micele, Kailen Yong (Boulder Acoustic Society) and MC Radioactive (Spearhead) to name a few. The Human Revolution boasts an eclectic mix of styles with a definitive foundation in that roots-rock country style of music, we call it Mystic Americana. Songs transition gently from ecstatic dance beats to tearjerker ballads, from modern political rockers to positive roots reggae, carrying the audience on a journey which changes, often with the band, from show to show.

Christen Lien

Classically trained violist Christen Lien performs original compositions on viola that are a beautiful mixture of East and West musical

traditions, classical and postmodern, acoustic and electronic. Lien’s debut album is called Vol. I: Battle Cry and it reflects a 24-year journey of challenging and expanding classical viola expression. Lien incorporates layers of live electronics effects with herviola creating hybrid music and expressive performance art. Always studying the human condition as the inspiration behind her content and perpetually working to create new and successful business models for independent artists, Christen Lien provides audiences with passionate live performances of original music that have been called “uncannily ancient and reassuringly contemporary,” and “a bridge to the divine.”

Citta Flow

Citta Flow is a dynamic fusion of earthy live instrumentation and electronic music production exploring the sonic possibilities where acoustic and ancient meets produced and modern. The music traverses a broad soundscape, flowing from the ambient and meditative to groove-laden beats, deep, dubby bass and soulful melodies. Citta is a sanskrit term referring to the mind/heart consciousness of an individual’s life field/energy.

James Twyman

James Twyman is an internationally renowned, best-selling author, filmmaker and musician who has a reputation for traveling to some of the world’s greatest areas of conflict, sharing his message of peace. He has been called “The Peace Troubadour” and has performed his peace concert in countries like Iraq, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Bosnia and Serbia, drawing millions of people together in prayer to influence events of world crisis. James has written twelve books, is also the president of The Beloved Community, an inter-religious organization that has ordained over 400 ministers of peace around the world, and is also the founder of The Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking.

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne is an investigative journalist and author, and a sought-after public speaker whose talks and workshops have transformed the lives of the thousands around the world who have heard her. She is also an accomplished broadcaster, who has appeared on many national tv and radio shows, including Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra shows. The hallmark of her work is exhaustive research that produces science-based discoveries in the worlds of science, spirituality and health.

Julia Othmer
Julia is an award-winning singer/songwriter who has performed internationally for the last ten years. She appeared on the 2010 Lilith Fair tour alongside Sarah McLachlan, Emmylou Harris, Heart, Courtyard Hounds, Ingrid Michaelson and others. Her 2006 album “Oasis Motel” can be found on shows such as “Army Wives,” “Party of Five,” and “DeGrassi: The Next Generation.” Her follow-up album is due for release in early 2012.

“The First Day” project is a memorial to 9/11 and is hopefully a source of comfort and catharsis for those suffering from grief and loss. Millions are affected by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), including hundreds of thousands of veterans. We hope to raise awareness and funds for grief and trauma counseling and services. I am so pleased and proud to say we are teaming up with The National Veterans Foundation and any proceeds from this project will benefit the NVF and other PTSD organizations.
Rachel Bagby

Rachel Bagby, J.D. (Stanford) founder of Choral Earth and author of Divine Daughters: Liberating the Power and Passion of Women’s Voices, is a creator of poetic forms, composer, vocalist, award-winning performance artist and was a founding member (soprano and dancer) of Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra. Choruses world-over have performed her compositions and the chantsongs on her album, Full. Winner of the Artist of the Year award from the Arts and Healing Network, Rachel’s pioneers work in the field of social healing. With Kevin W. Kelley, Rachel is co‐founder of Metanoiaa, which marries innovation and visualization technologies with empowering, artistic civic engagement strategies to provide immersive educational experiences.

Rachel’s current pilot program Sing Seattle!™ will deliver a highly participatory performance art series for the Seattle Center’s 50th Anniversary Celebration of the 1962 World’s Fair. Envisioned as a project to replicate in other cities, Sing Seattle! will galvanize Seattle’s singing communities and audiences to powerfully amplify the City’s evolution as thriving global sustainability and civic innovator. For more information and to receive the gift of her MP3 Forgiveness, visit: http://singseattle.com

Lindsay Wagner
Actress, author, human potential advocate Lindsay Wagner to present the concept of “Stepping out of Fear, The Power of the Present” at ONE: The Event in Seattle.

She is best known for her iconic portrayal of Jaime Sommers in her Emmy award-winning role as ‘The Bionic Woman’. She won a permanent place in the hearts of audiences around the world and went on to become known as the Queen of television movies with over 40 TV movies plus several mini-series, specials and feature films.

“I have agreed to attend and participate in an event I’d like to share with you. We are experiencing a very unusual point in history and I believe that in the midst of these confusing and sometimes tumultuous times we have an even greater opportunity to create a beautiful future.” – Lindsay Wagner.

Dr. Pat Baccili is an internationally recognized expert in the human potential field who makes a positiv

e difference helping others realize their dreams. To Pat, there is no such thing as failure. There are simply people, places and things that are placed in our paths to help us understand our true nature and what we are meant to do in this lifetime.

In her various roles in the human potential field – as coach, teacher, adviser, inspirational speaker, consultant, and internationally acclaimed radio personality – Pat has helped thousands of people dramatically change both their professional and personal lives.

Mikki Willis

Multi award winning filmmaker Mikki Willis is a virtuoso of positive energy and talent that spans mediums. He developed his writing and directing skills as a member of a prestigious theater group. Mentored by veterans, he directed weekly stage readings featuring legends of stage and screen. In the early 90s he founded and directed the New York/Los Angeles Theatre of the Arts. Concurrently, Mikki formed Reign Dance Entertainment, a production company that specialized in direct response television. September 11th, 2001 marked the turning point in Mikki’s life and career. Having been inside the twin towers just hours before they fell, he helped to organize and lead a group of civilians who risked their lives to aid rescue workers. On his return to Los Angeles he began laying the foundation for what is now one of the most respected movements to emerge from Hollywood. Mikki is currently the founding director of Elevate Films, Elevate Foundation, and Elevate Film Festival, which challenges the international film community to create works of social and global importance. Mikki Willis is the recipient of the 2008 Conscious Life Humanitarian Award.

Shiva Rea, M.A.
Shiva Rea is a yogini firekeeper, sacred activist, global adventurer and leading innovator in the evolution of prana flow yoga, transformational vinyasa flow integrating the tantric bhakti roots of yoga, Krishnamacharya’s teachings and a universal, quantum approach to the body. Shiva is known for bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners in creative, dynamic and life-transforming ways and for offering the synthesis form of prana flow out in the world.

Derrick N. Ashong (aka DNA) & Soulfège

Derrick N. Ashong & Soulfège embody the pluralistic vision of a new generation of music makers and socially conscious activists. Leader and co-founder Derrick N. Ashong, a.k.a. DNA, dubbed a “YouTube phenom” by the New York Times, is the former host of The Derrick Ashong Experience on Oprah radio and is a Ghana-born, Oprah-endorsed Harvard graduate. He originally formed Soulfège with college choir mate Jonathan Gramling. Subsequently they created Take Back the Mic, a movement to put meaning back into today’s music and to challenge a new generation of youth to find their own voice and take on roles of leadership in society.

Whether heard in the eloquent expression of his thoughts on Senator Barack Obama (as seen in one of
the most viewed videos of 2008 on YouTube), in his music (as leader of the emerging band Soulfège), in his lyrics (he won Billboard Magazine’s 2007 World Song Writing Competition), the Harvard educated talent has found myriad ways to inspire, engage and activate young people with positive messages for social change.
Bun Yom
After three years as a killing field slave, seventeen-year-old Bun Yom escaped from the Khmer Rouge and became a “Freedom Fighter.” Using his wisdom, courage, and unprecedented compassion, Bun rescued thousands of Cambodian people and soon became the Cambodian Freedom Army’s greatest soldier.
Brad Morris
The Gratitude Dance Video was launched by The GratiDudes on August 22nd, 2008 and has now inspired and touched the hearts and minds of countless numbers of people around the world (unless you check the YouTube counter)… not to mention all the laughter it has created!
Nanda Acrobatics
Chen Pollina, Kiyota Sage, Misha Fradin, & Tomoki Sage
Hard to categorize, the four compress as much action packed entertainment into a short, high-energy show as is humanly possible.

Nanda brings the playful dream world onto the stage by going beyond the limits of normality and creating a show that inspires audiences and has many strange and humorous moments. They are scientists experimenting with the art of performance, through juggling, dancing, acrobatics, stage fighting, music, comedy, and whatever else they conjure up.

San Francisco’s “Golden Mezzo soprano” (San Francisco Examiner) will be singing “America the Beautiful” and performing her World Peace Anthem “Peace on Earth” live.

Valentina has performed with New York City Opera, San Francisco Opera, Opera Theatre St. Louis, San Francisco Symphony, Midsummer Mozart, Eugene Opera, Opera San Jose, Berkeley West Edge Opera, and The Yerba Buena Center among others. As a pop and rock singer / songwriter, Valentina has shared the stage with Todd Rundgren, George Benson, John Cale of The Velvet Underground, Dana Carvey, and Helen Hunt. She has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, MTV, the Fillmore Auditorium, the Shoreline Ampitheater, Villa Montalvo, New Orleans’ Contemporary ArtsCenter, and the Palace of Fine Arts, and multiple television and movie soundtracks.

Rabbi Olivier BenHaim

With an Orthodox/Conservative, French, Sepharadic-Mizrachi background, Rabbi Olivier has been a student of Torah and of the Jewish way for most of his life. He lived in Israel for close to 10 years, where he studied in Jerusalem with many teachers of the Jewish spiritual path, both in Yeshivas and scholarly circles.

The Total Experience Gospel Choir bursts with

love, joy and enthusiasm – humanity! It is hailed as one of the Pacific Northwest’s finest soulful ensembles. Pastor Patrinell Staten Wright started the group as a gospel music class at Seattle’s Franklin High School in 1973. Since then the choir has grown to become a

nationally and internationally known gospel

singing group.

Attendees will be treated to an afternoon of local music, inspirational speakers, celebration and ceremony in Seattle Center’s Memorial Stadium. The afternoon will culminate with a global synchronized moment of love shared with millions of people worldwide at 3:46pm PDT lead by founder of ONE: Becoming One Erik Lawyer.

Hosts Rachel Bagby and Mikki Willis will take those in the stadium and on our global webcast on a transformational journey weaving our stadium speakers James Twyman, Lindsay Wagnar, Dr. Pat Baccili, Religious intra-faith leaders, SFD Battalion Chief Tom Richardson with Skyped in Lynn MacTaggart and a range of performances by Derek Ashong and Soulfege, Once and For All, Human and The Revolution, Singing Bear, Nando, Tina Olsanski and Native American dancers and drummers, and surprise musical performances.

9/11’s anniversary represents a monumental call to realize our shared humanity, and collectively we are answering it. ONE: The Event’s mission is to provide collective healing of the past and inspire Solutions, Cooperation, Transformation

Connection, Celebration and greater Harmony in our world today.

Help humanity Make The Shift from fear to love and join us on this momentous day!

All are welcomed no matter their age, race, faith or politics.

Agreements of Participation:

Attend in a spirit of respect, peace, openness and love.
Leave political or polarizing signs and banners at home.

Participate in a spirit of respect, peace, openness, and love.